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Camcamp security camera

Camcamp SC23 4MP Wireless Solar Powered WiFi PTZ Security Camera System with Color Night Vision

Camcamp SC23 4MP Wireless Solar Powered WiFi PTZ Security Camera System with Color Night Vision

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Wireless Solar Powered WiFi PTZ Security Camera

About this item

100% Wireless and Low-energy Battery: The solar security system has a built-in 8000mAh large-capacity battery, adopts low-energy technology, is environmentally friendly and energy-saving, and ensures the durability of the camera. 100% wireless installation, no need to purchase additional wires and cables, reducing installation costs.

4MP HD Images and 2K Raw Videos: SC23 adopts a high-quality CMOS image sensor, which can capture 4MP HD images and 2K raw videos no matter day or night. When you turn on the spotlight at night, it can provide you with a monitoring screen with color night vision effect.

Intelligent Tracking and Real-time Alarm: When the camera detects a suspicious person approaching your home within the monitoring range, an alarm notification will be sent to the mobile phone immediately, allowing you to know the security situation at home in real time. When someone moves at night, the camera will immediately activate the light alarm and sound alarm to help you scare away uninvited guests and protect your property at all times.

Support External Display and 500GB Hard Disk: 10-channel NVR can support high-definition video output through HDMI, and can watch or playback video in real time through an external display. All video data will be encrypted and stored in the built-in 500GB hard drive to protect your security and privacy. View local videos stored on your hard drive even when there is no internet connection.

PTZ Control and Two-way Audio: You can download the "CloudEye 365" APP (compatible with Android and Apple systems) through Google Play, and use the camera's PTZ performance on the APP to control the camera's horizontal rotation 355° and vertical rotation 90° full Position monitoring, family safety. You can use the APP anytime, anywhere to conduct two-way conversations with family members or visitors within the monitoring range to ensure timely and accurate information delivery.

Stable and Safe Base Station: This wireless WiFi solar monitoring system adopts WiFi dedicated wireless protocol. Users only need to connect the equipped network cable to complete the connection between the base station and the router, realizing safe and stable network transmission. (Please note that the camera has been paired with the NVR before leaving the factory, users only need to plug the NVR into the socket and use the HDMI cable to connect the monitor to get a clear image)

IP66 Waterproof: The security camera adopts IP66 weatherproof technology, suitable for working in any weather, and can be used in home security monitoring, farm monitoring and other occasions.

Warm Tips

  • A wireless camera system doesn't mean you can use it without any cables. The base station needs to be connected with a network cable and a charging cable to work. (The base station and camera are transmitted through wireless technology to protect your privacy.)
  • Please try to avoid installing the camera on the side of the road with heavy traffic, where pedestrians and vehicles are frequent, otherwise the camera will be woken up frequently, resulting in frequent alarm messages and excessive power consumption.
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